DIY Lace Cuffed Shorts

I absolutely love cut-off jeans. Not only are they thrifty, it is a great way to save a beloved pair of sad old jeans. I think I only have one pair of jeans that aren't cut-offs, so I'm always looking for ways to change them up or pretty them up. I've wanted a pair of lacy shorts for a while, and well, I finally got around to it. See how I transformed these old jeans into shorts below.

DIY Lace Cuffed Jean Shorts:

1. What you'll need:  And old pair of shorts or jeans, lace, scissors, thread and a sewing machine
2. Begin by trying on your jeans and think about where you want them to hit when they are finished. Be sure to allow for a cuff, so add about an inch from wear you want them to be. Mark the length where to cut with a sharpie. Then take them off and cut! A good way to get even sides is to simply fold the jeans in half.
3. Undo the seams a bit to create a bit of a gap. This step isn't necessarily need, but I found it helped having a little extra room when stitching on the lace. I did end up closing the gap at the end.
4.  Decide what kind of lace you want to add. I decided to go with a more delicate, sheer lace versus the other crocheted type I had. Also determine how much lace you want to show when you cuff your jean shorts.
5. Turn the shorts inside out and using a zig-zag stitch, sew the edge of the lace in line with the end of the shorts, letting a little of the scallop hang over.
6. Turn the shorts right side out and fold the ends over, creating a cuff. Making sure the lace is completely folded under into the jeans and laying flat, again use a zig-zag stitch to sew the cuff down. I also went back and stitch the top edge (the scallop part of the lace) down from the front, for durability.

Done! Real simple sewing, even beginner sewers should be able to do this just fine :) Now that I've made these, I'm feeling all inspired and keep thinking of other ways to add some flair to other pairs of cut-offs. So look out! I really do love how these turned out. I think they are just the right amount of cutesy for me. I'm wearing them right now in fact.

With that, I leave you. Will and I are off to a camping trip for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary! See you Monday, lovelies.


  1. Oh my goodness those shorts are just totes adorable!
    I love them and NEED to make them!!!
    Now all I need to do is work on the legs to go into them ha ha!
    Love Gi xx

  2. Tres cute! Lovely idea,

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge