Finding Inspiration in the Simplest Things

I've been finding inspiration in the simplest and strangest of places lately.

1. the first drops of fall leaves from colorful trees
2. the prettiest little thrift-found globe I've had for years
3. the tiny curls I've been getting in my hair
4. a (recently dug out from the depths of a box) pinecone garland
5. the textures and variety in baby Pip's fur
6. a simple rock from my rock collection
7. the last flowering survivors

I love textures and notice them often. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds inspiration in little moments like these. Are you inspired by the changing season happening around you?


  1. Those curls are lovely. As are those boots!

  2. Love your hair like that. Too cute!


  3. I love the globe! I mean it is beautiful!!

  4. I can completly relate with you on that. I also find that I can't always explain, let alone make other people understand, why I am inspired and what exactly it inspires me. I'm pretty happy that I just found your blog via Misfit Isle. Just by reading your profile note, I feel like this is a blog I am going to enjoy reading a lot!

  5. CuddlyCactiOctober 22, 2013

    i love how you capture the little details in the items. i hadn't really thought to do that which prob means i need to slow down a tad and look at things closer so thanks for the reminder!