Playing Photographer

Aaron and DaisyAaron and DaisyBaby brother and his lady loveBaby brother and his lady loveBaby brother and his lady loveBaby brother and his lady love

My brother asked me to take a few pictures of him and his lady love just for fun, so the three of us went out on a little photo adventure yesterday. I had such a great time playing photographer for an evening. It may have been extra exciting for me because I got to use her lovely Canon Rebel for the shoot. These two are just so adorable/photogenic/fun, I had to share a few of my favorite shots with you. (I couldn't decide between b&w or color on that last one. It's my favorite.) Aren't they gorgeous? Talk about the perfect time of year for a photoshoot. I'm off to dream about having my own DSLR and getting to do this for a living.


  1. These pictures are wonderful!! You did a great job of capturing their love!

  2. Oh, man, the trees in the pictures are stunning! Such a cute couple; and you are a wonderful photographer!

  3. such a perfect time of year for picture indeed!! these are just gorgeous, you did an amazing job and i love seeing their lovey dovey poses, so sweet.
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