Lavender Fields Forever

I get all the awards for going outside when it was 106 degrees, let alone picking lavender in that heat. But I wasn't going to let the extremely uncomfortable temperatures keep me inside this day. Lakeside Lavender farm in Nampa, ID was a place I had been really looking forward to visiting (ever since hearing about the festival they put on every year). And they were only allowing public cuttings for one week. And Sunday was the only day we were able to go. And this was the last year they were going to be doing it (I think the family is moving?).

The heat and sweat was well worth it. It was breathtakingly beautiful out there — with the rows and rows of purple blooms backdropped by golden grass, dense trees, and the pretty blue lake. And boy, I was ready to run through all those fields straight to the lake for a dip after cutting lavender for maybe 30 minutes. But the two giant bundles of fresh lavender I got to take home was reward enough. They had a whole array of different strands of lavender to chose from. I cut a big bundle of the super sweet smelling "provence" and it is now drying out in our bedroom and providing a really pleasant aroma. I also grabbed a great big bundle of a few different culinary strands, which has more of a herby sage-like smell to it. I can't wait to make something delicious. Do you have any favorite lavender recipes? I'll at least make a simple syrup from some to add some lavender to iced coffee! Yum.

It was just so lovely out there guys. I wish I could have fresh lavender in my home year round. But the pretty pictures Will took of me will have to do for memory, I suppose. But I really love all the pictures he took, hence the huge photo dump. Even if I was all sweaty and red in the face, he always captures me so well (I think). Mostly, I'm still shocked that I walked away sunburn free!

+ Top | DownEast (similar, similar)
+ Skirt | It was a hand-me-down
+ Sandals | Target
+ Hat | Target (similar, similar)

I've been very quiet over here, and I'll unfortunately say that things will likely continue to be for awhile. Summer gets me down, guys. And when you're depressed, it takes quite a lot of effort to write up posts. These feelings are only exacerbated by the fact that this blog has me feeling a little stuck. I have been working on a new site/blog, but for reasons that would take far too long to explain (and likely bore you), the plans to move everything to a new location keeps getting pushed back. I'm still sharing on instagram all the time, though, if you want to keep up with me. And I won't neglect this space entirely; just expect something more like 1 or 2 posts a week for now :)

xx Emorie


Yesterday I uploaded my final #100happydays post, much to my own disbelief. Had it really been 100 days already? Did I really actually completely finish a lengthy instagram challenge I decided to do on a whim? And, most importantly, did some of those rainbows-and-butterflies type of side-effects that were promised actually occur? Yes, yes, and yes. What even.

I decided to try this challenge simply because so many people I follow on instagram were already doing it! I'm a copycat. But also, honestly, because I am someone who battles anxiety and depression. I'm always seeking proactive solutions to make my life better and happier despite those struggles. Knowing that my depression always kicks me hardest in the summer, I wanted a head start to encouraging myself to seek out and create happiness. This was a perfect way for me to do so and to document the daily journey — I'm already taking far more pictures than necessary anyway! And because I like experiments, so why not :)

I wasn't expecting magic by participating in this challenge, but it would be silly to not acknowledge some changes and happy things that occurred over the last 100 days. I've shared, sort of in list format, some of my thoughts below — now that I can reflect on the challenge as a whole.


+ Posting every single day was SO HARD for me. I'm not the type to share daily on any social media account. But I pushed myself to do it. At first I told myself I was just doing it for documentary purposes. But the more I shared the more I became comfortable with it. I mean... I enjoy scrolling through instagram on a daily basis just to see little glimpses into other peoples' lives, to see beauty from someone else's perspective, to share in other peoples' happiness, and to grasp a bit of inspiration from the everyday of another. I realized I am just as much a part of that community as the people I follow and the people that follow me do so for a reason. I should feel no shame in posting anything. Instant confidence boost!

+ Spoiler alert: I'm not happy every single day. I stopped expecting myself to be. I realized it was okay to be angry or sad or hurt or sick and still have happy moments. For goodness sake, people are not one dimensional. And days and life have many ups and downs. But, it's still okay to pick out the happy moments to share — and it feels really good to, too. Sometimes that just meant lots of pictures of food, because come on yes.

+ I did notice my perspectives switching very early on. It is empowering to be in control of your own happiness. I remember having a really bad interview at the very beginning of this challenge, but not by fault of my own. I remember being upset that I wouldn't get a job at this company, but then consciously deciding to not let it effect me. I suddenly felt grateful that I had the opportunity to find a better job. Did I handle every bad situation this way? No. But, I do feel I am more aware of my reactions to things now. That's always a good thing.

+ Trying to find something to be happy about everyday actually made me happier. And somehow, I started feeling a little more confident in my skin along the way, too. I became happy with myself, I suppose.

+ So much changed over the last 100 days! It is so great to be able to look back through these pictures now and see how much happiness I experienced through all that change! We had just moved when I started this challenge, now my apartment feels like home. Spring was rainy and lovely and I spent all my time outside. Will and I celebrating 3 years together. I got a DSLR and have been spending time improving my photography. I got a job at Anthropologie. I got the courage to chop all my hair off again. I've started a bunch projects I never seemed to have time for before. I've started to really take my health seriously. And I'm feeling really happy.

See all of the images from my #100happydays challenge up close by looking up #happyemorie an instagram.

Did any of you complete this challenge?
xx Emorie

Want to read more about making happiness a priority? Read my post about Practicing Self-Care.

Snippets: Happy Summery Bits

A collection of almost forgotten iPhone and DSLR pictures

1 This picture is actually about a month old — from the end of May. We had some cold, rainy, lovely weather for a bit. This was taken at the North End Organic Nursery on my phone on a Saturday trip looking for plants and new pots. A lovely memory and a picture I love a lot for no real reason. // 2 A perfect cantaloupe, my favorite fruit. I've gotten really good at picking good produce. // 3 & 4 Will came home with a tripod for me one day (he found a good deal on one!). These were taken that same night at sunset because we couldn't wait to try it out! // 5 & 6 From a hike on the upper part of Hulls Gulch with my sister. The wildflower is a mariposa lily. And the view of the valley from up there is ridiculously beautiful. // 7 Post inventory nap. Pippin snuggles are the best forever. // 8 Bored, stuck inside due to the heat, selfie. // 9  Another chance, cool, rainy morning. Will went into work late so we could enjoy a slow morning together. Love. // 10 Nighttime park sits. // 11 My mama went on a trip to Montana and came back with gifts for me — this pretty new camera strap and an adorable wire headband. // 12 Weaving something like this for my walls. // 13 & 14 My mom came out for a morning hike with me and then treated Will and I to a breakfast with her at Big City Coffee. She's the best mom, obvi. // 15 This face, forever. Makes me so happy. // 16 A recent morning hike.

Since I didn't share much this month, I thought it'd be fun to go back through some pictures (the end of May to current) that captured some special moments. It sure is a helpful activity for attempting to defeat that summertime sadness — I'm making a real effort to focus on the happier moments instead. But know what really helps? The weather is being kind to me with a break from the heat these next few days. It's currently well into the afternoon and I still have the windows wide and haven't turned on the AC at all! Thank you, clouds. I might even get some rain tomorrow (fingers crossed)!

xx Emorie

Summertime: A Blogger's Mix


Latrina makes these lovely, collaborative mixtapes every so often by taking suggestions for songs (from other bloggers) for a certain subject. The recent summertime mixtape is just so lovely — I've been listening to it today while doing housework. And hey, I suggested #14! Radiation City is my ultimate, favorite summer jam. It was fun to hear Foreign Bodies among some other favorites! Visit Of Trees and Hues to see who submitted the other songs and be sure to give the playlist a listen!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

01. Hemiplegia — Haerts
02. Geri — Superhumanoids
03. Carried Away — Passion Pit
04. Riptide — Vance Joy
05. Words are Weapons — Birdy
06. Hey Now — London Grammar
07. Gethsemane — Dry the River
08. Radio — Lana Del Rey
09. Electric Twist — A Fine Frenzy
10. Pompeii — Bastille
11. Missing You — DWNTWN
12. Runaround Sue — Dion
13. June — Wild Belle
14. Foreign Bodies — Radiation City
15. The Look — Metronomy
16. Video Games — Lana Del Rey
17. Hoppipolla — Sigur Ros
18. Instant Crush — Daft Punk & Julian Casablancas
19. Ocean Avenue — Yellowcard
20. Money On My Mind — Sam Smith
21. Love Runs Out — One Republic
22. Happy — Pharrell
23. Summer — Calvin Harris
24. Sing — Ed Sheeran
25. F.U.Y.A — C2C
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Created by Of Trees and Hues

What's your favorite artist to listen to in the summertime?
xx Emorie