Snippets: The Changing Season

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1 | Autumn in the foothills is super lovely. I took these pictures on a hike a few weeks ago — one of the first signs I saw that let me know that Fall was finally coming.
2 | An afternoon affogato (a scoop of chocolate brownie ice cream and a shot of espresso). My favorite treat lately.
3 | The skies (especially in the morning) have been unreal lately.
4 | Pippin shaking it out during a refreshing morning hike.
5 | The first fallen leaves in Julia Davis Park.
6 | I gave myself a bit of a haircut. It was getting a little too post-pixie mushroom-shaped and it definitely benefited from a reshaping. Haircuts make me happy.
7 | Pippin goes all out with the photobombing.
8 | Pumpkin beer is my favorite beer and these new fall floral tights are lovely as well. I also finally own a felt hat and it's the perfect color (I suck at selfies, though).
9-12 | I got off work a little early this past Saturday and was itching for adventure. But it had been raining all day (and for days) so we decided to just pack a little picnic and stroll along the river. The rain let up for a bit, even. It was beautiful to see some green springing up one last time from all the rain amongst all the autumn colors.

With the season changing, I like to reflect on my routine and reassess those things I call priorities. I'm experiencing quite a few changes this month, in addition to the lovely weather shift. It's an exciting time for Will and I and I'm just trying to take a quick step back and appreciate everything as it is now. I can't wait for the days ahead, but I'd also love to live in all these little happy moments. It's always a good idea to slow down for a bit, especially when you've moving forward so quickly. It's so important to create that balance in life, I think. So, that's exactly what I plan on doing.

As I sit in my chilly apartment this morning, bundled up in a cozy turtle-neck and sipping a hot cup of coffee, I'm feeling very grateful for this inspiring season. For the opportunities both Will and I are having, for all the wonderful people in my life that love and support me, for this space, and for all of you (that stick around even when I don't have the time to post). You can expect to see me around here a lot more the next few weeks!

Happy October!
xx Emorie


  1. It's nice to see some snippets from your life, especially because you always capture things in such a serene cozy way. Glad you are enjoying fall!

  2. I love autumn and there are some beautiful pictures here which sum up autumn perfectly for me.

  3. Such lovely pictures! Happy October!

  4. The felt hat is <3 Great to see you happy again, yay for fall!

  5. Your hair is beaaaauuutiful!


  6. Such great fall snaps! I love the puppy pics :)

  7. Lovely photos!!

    xo Precious