Artsy Fartsy: Sarah McNeil

I've had my eye on New Zealand based artist Sarah McNeil for a while now. She creates such lovely drawings that are sweet, delicate, and a bit strange. A perfect combination. Her whimsical portraits are full of simple little details that transport a once simple sketch into it's own fantasy world. They exhibit a sort of child like innocence as well, that for some reason makes me want to eat an ice cream cone, ride around on a bicycle without a care, and blast old school Eisley tunes in my ear.

P.s. She has some originals for sale (here), and she also does pet portraits that are simply adorable. I should save up and get one of little Pippin.

All images via Sarah McNeil's flickr: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten


  1. I love how delicate these pieces are! Also, I love she contrasts the hair (high-contrast, depth) with the simplicity and relative flatness of the rest of the portrait. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's so crazy looking at this video!! Looks like decades ago. They've changed so much but stayed the same, you know? Haha I love them. I was lucky enough to meet them last year and they're so sweet in real life. Anyway, I absolutely love the paintings. I've been getting into pen & ink illustrations, and watercolor lately. It's so fun and my stress reliever so seeing things like this really inspire me. Thanks for the share dear!

  3. All old Eisley is so nostalgic for me. I was sooo obsessed with them in junior high (and high school and now hahah). Seeing them so young makes me feel young again, I guess :) I've been lucky enough to meet them as well, but that was so so long ago.