Thankful Lately

+ I am thankful for a loving partner who supports me, encourages me, and accepts my faults better than I do myself.
+ I am thankful for back-rubs to help me sleep in the middle of the night, cute thoughtful texts, help with the chores, and kisses at the end of a long day.
+ I am thankful for all the devices I am far too reliant on and far too ungrateful of. Technology is awesome, people.
+ I am thankful for silly tv shows that let you take your mind of things for a little while.
+ I am thankful for warm puppy snuggles.
+ I am thankful for midol and my rice bag.
+ I am thankful for my kind mother and her friendship. I am thankful for her wisdom, her generosity, her loving advice, and her craftiness (I get it from her).
+ I am thankful for cozy piles of blankets, warm tea, scarves, sweaters, and my love of reading.
+ I am thankful for a creative mind and the ability to express it in many different outlets.
+ I am thankful for autumn leaves, halloween everywhere, and pumpkin flavored everything.

Leave it to a few extra long, tiring, busy days to remind me just how great I have it. I love you all xxo.


  1. I am thankful for midol and my rice bag. <---AMEN

    (also you and your mr. are so cute)

  2. You guys are so cute!! Good things to be thankful for definitely! I'm thankful for my friends and family, Netflix, technology, chocolate, the changing leaves, notebooks, and when its quiet.

  3. You and your partner make such a cute couple! You look so happy! It's good to stop and be thankful once in a while.