Gloomy Day | Playlist

Gloomy Day by Emorie Kidder on Grooveshark

A little playlist, for gloomy days and/or grumpy moods.

It has been quite a gloomy day here and I am one giant grumpy butt about it. This Wednesday feels a whole lot like a Monday. I had a lot planned but I sorta kinda didn't get any of it done. I'm trying not to care too much about it. We're allowed grumpy, unsuccessful days every so often. I smothered my feelings in craft projects and pretty music. Putting creative energy to use is always a good thing in my book. Well, here's a little sampling of what I've been listening to today.

Enjoy, preferably with a hot cup of tea and under a pile of blankets.

xx Emorie


  1. This is a beautiful playlist. May I suggest some music? I have an ever forever growing playlist that I know you'd appreciate. I'll link it via e-mail. :)

  2. I had a feeling you would like it! I feel the same way. I hope you found some new music for your collection. Personally, music has such a dominant place in my life, and I've found new music from your blog. :)

    I hope you're having a non-gloomy day today!