Lemon Ginger Fancy Bath

I'm not usually one to indulge in baths. I prefer to get in and out of the shower quickly 99% of the time. And I really rather dislike being too hot (ugh, summer), so soaking in a steaming tub does not normally appeal to me. But there are times when I do enjoy them — when I'm sick with fever, when I have really sore muscles, or when I've been stressed for days and desperately need a good a pampering to recuperate.

Because they are so rare for me, when I bathe, I tend to go all out. I consider them an indulgence, after all, and cooking up a nice soothing concoction to dip yourself in will make you feel all fancy as you sit naked, surrounded by various bottles, in your bathtub. I don't know, maybe you'll even kick it up a notch and transfer those shower products to the bathroom counter before you slip in to soak. Replace them with candles! Ambiance, babe. You deserve it.



1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup baking soda
4 tablespoons coconut oil
2 lemon ginger tea bags
1 green tea bag
2 tablespoons ginger
1 lemon sliced (optional)


+ coffee filters
+ string/twine
+ wooden spoon
+ a bathtub, of course


Measure out the oats and scoop them into coffee filters — I used two, but you may be able to squeeze it into one if your filters are larger than mine. Tie the bags off tightly with twine. Start your bath, using the hottest water you can bare. I always turn the faucet heat up completely and just let it sit a few minutes before getting in. When you start the water, immediately place the oats and tea bags into the tub (so they have plenty of time to steep). Dump in the measured baking soda and ginger, under the faucet. Lastly, stir in the spoonfuls of coconut oil. Use a big wooden spoon to evenly distribute the oil throughout the bath. Once the tub is full, and it is to a temperate you can bare, slip in for a soak!

I'll soak in this particular bath anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. The lemon ginger tea is what gives this bath it's scent, and it is a rather soothing, relaxing one. Green tea is great and healthy for the skin, and oats and coconut oil will leave your skin super soft, nourished, and moisturized. I like to end my bath by breaking open one of the coffee filter pouches full of oats. Having soaked in the hot bath, the oats will be an extra creamy paste. I like to massage this all over my skin right before draining the water, then rinse off quickly under a cool shower. If rubbing mushing oats on your body is off-putting, I'll forgive you if you skip this step :) but do know it is extra moisturizing and nourishing.

A word of caution: This bath will likely make you sweat. A lot. That would be thanks to the hot temperature and the addition of ginger. Ginger helps stimulate blood flow. But don't worry, it's really good for you; sweat those gross things out of your body! The ginger and baking soda act as a simple mini detox, leaving you feeling very fresh and calm. Just, please, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after. If you start to feel sick (lightheaded and/or nauseous), simply sit up out of the water.

Enjoy your indulgence!
xx Emorie


  1. I can't wait to try this. I actually have not had a bath since elementary school! I'm going to sanitize my bathtub first!

  2. I take a lot of baths because they really help me to relax, but I've never tried anything like this. It sounds amazing! These packets would also make great gifts.

  3. So the baking soda and ginger...you don't add into the filter? Just right under the faucet?

  4. I had to clean out my tub first too! Let me know if you like it :)

  5. somecallmecjMarch 25, 2014

    Wow, I've never known you could do so much for a bath. I thought mine was fancy just by adding epsom salt and drinking tea. But, tea IN the bath? Whoa! The excitement. I can't wait to try it!

  6. Correct, you can add it straight to the bath - just mix up the water well! You can definitely put the ginger and baking soda into a filter with the oats, if that makes you more comfortable. I actually only put the oats in a filter to avoid feeling like I'm sitting in a bowl of oatmeal. All the ingredients are okay to soak in :)

  7. Epsom salt is great too; especially for sore muscles and an achy back! I should really restock my supply. Feel free to add some to this concoction, if you try it!

  8. Okay. Thanks for cleaning the up. Hopefully I can find some time to try!

  9. I'm all about the ambiance. This looks great!

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