Rainy Day Blues

Don't be confused, the title of this post is only called Rainy Day Blues because of the color I am wearing today. The sky may be moody, but I am not. I absolutely adore rainy days, in the spring particularly when everything is saturated with color. Pippin and I went out for a walk in the wet this morning and we matched in our blue. Yes, he has a blue rain coat. Yes, it is adorable. I have a blue rain coat too! I don't mind mine as much as Pippin minds his.

I was drawn to this cardigan of my mine today and decided to try for a slight monochrome style. This cardigan is one of my favorites with such a vibrant color,  soft comfy cable-knit, and pretty buttons. But for some reason, I don't find myself wearing it very often. It certainly fit my my needs today — I am all about the comfy. I've spent the majority of my day curled up with this book; I picked it up this morning and am having trouble stopping! It is the perfect story to read next to a rainy, stormy window. Thanks, sister, for letting me borrow it (among others). It is rather enjoyable. I might add that I did not match my book on purpose. It was sitting near as I was taking these pictures and when I realized we were color-coordinated, well, I couldn't resist.

OUTFIT DETAILS                                                   

+ Cardigan: Target, Merona brand, years ago
+ Shirt: Zumiez, billabong brand, years ago
+ Skirt: Hand-me-down
+ Beanie: Gift, my brother purchased it here
+ Socks: Tabbisocks via ModCloth
+ Lips: Baby Lips, Strike A Rose

Please excuse the tiny level of fuzz in these pictures. It is due to using the front-facing camera on my iPhone, which is much easier to use (because you can see yourself) when you're using a self-timer on your phone to take outfit pictures. Oh front cam fuzz. I'm thinking I may need to invest in a remote. Hmph.

Here, have a picture of Pippin in a raincoat. What a ham.

xx Emorie


  1. Super cute! And isn't Neil Gaiman a flippin GENIUS??? Adore his stuff.

  2. you are so adorable I can't even...
    that tie in your shirt! the colors! your perfect tights :)


  3. Definitely, he's such a great story creator. I read The Ocean At The End Of The Lane in one sitting.

  4. Thank you! You're pretty cute yourself! <3

  5. somecallmecjMarch 29, 2014

    First of all, great outfit. Eeek, you're so creative! Secondly, you use a timer on your front facing camera to take the outfit pics? How do you do that??

  6. Those socks are perfect. I was looking at the photos, thinking "ooh, I like that lipgloss!"...and when I saw what shade it was I laughed because it's what I have on right now!