Wearable Spring Inspiration

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The signs of spring are all around me already, and it is (almost) hard to believe but certainly a relief. This winter has seemed harsher than normal (this is coming from someone who loves winter), probably due to that long inversion we suffered. Lately, we've gotten an abundance of rain, temperatures have been at least above 50 F almost daily, and green is sprouting from all sorts of plant-life. I've been turning off the heat in our apartment during the day, as the sun in the afternoon is more than satisfactory. Pippin even lays out on the patio like he's having a relaxing day at the beach. That, and planning his attack plan for those squirrels.

Warmer weather means I have been grabbing pieces from my closet that I've shied away from for months. I've been especially drawn to all my loose, flowy, sheer tops and bright(er) colors. I'm really loving lace, embroidery, denim/chambray, neutrals, and starch whites too. Above are a few pieces/images I've found (most via my styled right pinterest board) that match the style I am currently leaning towards. They just don't necessarily match my budget, yeesh. But I'm still using the inspiration, regardless.

Is the season changing in your hometown yet? What styles and trends are you now gravitating towards?

xx Emorie


  1. two and seven I would totally wear! lovely spring fashion......oh, I can't wait! but the weather says snow here on monday.....

  2. We're starting to get some melting here in MN, but it's still pretty cold. I'm definitely ready for summer to come, though! I LOVE loose shift dresses for the summertime, so the dress in the bottom row is right up my alley!

  3. Oh no, now I've looked at the price tag and I want to cry. Maybe I'll have to try DIYing it instead!

  4. Ahhh, dresses. It's still too cold for me to transition out of wearing thick hoodies and sweaters and go for warmth over prettiness, but I'm looking forward to that not being true anymore! I love white lace and green colors for summer, stuff that's both light in texture/fabric and light to look at. (I'm one of those people who just never ever wears black when it's hot.)

  5. somecallmecjMarch 17, 2014

    Gorgeous gorgeous! All of the choices are gorgeous! Number 8 looks like something that would be a change for me because I don't have a lot of dresses that fit the newer trends and I usually lean toward pants because I get insecure in a dress and I get insecure about not having pockets. But...that dress? Oh, that dress changes things!