Spring Floral and Stripes

Yesterday morning we went out to the park early, and although I sported my down jacket for the majority of our walk the sunshine felt glorious. Taking my coat off for pictures, for once, wasn't freezing torture. The day warmed up and we saw a high around 70 F! What? I shed my jacket and traded my flats for chacos. The park (camels back park here in Boise) later in the afternoon was a bit surreal, as the density of people in that park reached something I have never seen before on a random Sunday in March. The trees lining the bottom of the hills were entirely strung with hammocks and slack lines and people. Bikers and hikers were a plenty. Every child in a 5 mile radius (I swear) was packed on that playground. Several families had even packed in their grills. And I mean, like giant propane grills. What even. So funny. Everyone was basking in the spring glory, in their own way. We took another hike/walk in the evening, because we simply couldn't help it. And after, I insisted that we enjoy dessert (affogatos) on the patio before dinner. Because, who can resist ice-cream in the sunshine?


+ skirt: Shhh, it's a dress — I tucked the top in.
+ shirt: Shhh, it's actually a nightie, with a camisole underneath.
+ cardigan: Old Navy, years ago.
+ ring: A gift/souvenir from my sister.
+ chacos: TriState, years ago.

As I sit down to write this post this Monday morning, there is bone chilling rain and 20+mph gusts outside. The high today is forecasted at 48 F. But yesterday, yesterday we had Spring.

xx Emorie


  1. somecallmecjMarch 17, 2014

    Hey lady! I love your outfit creativity! Oh my goodness! You give me so much inspiration. I can't wait until it is spring here and I can turn a dress into a skirt! Full credit goes to your creativity! Also, who takes your lovely photographs? They are so well done!

  2. very sweet, pretty pattern mixing,

    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  3. your dog is adorable!

    xoxo, Oleah

  4. so adorable :) loving your cute toes!

  5. My partner, Will, takes my outfit pictures for me and I edit them. I'll pass along the compliment! I've contemplated making this dress permanently into a skirt; I like how it fits and looks more as such. But, I'm too indecisive for now, haha.

  6. You look simply enchanting. Adorable.

  7. CuddlyCactiMarch 22, 2014

    oh, nice job! i can never get a dress tucked in to wear it as a skirt correctly. one thought on it, could you cut it so that you could make the top a potential crop top in case you wanted to ever wear it together again? maybe so if you wore the skirt high enough there's just be a peep of skin, Rachel from Floral Prints & Common Sense did a cool tutorial on this recently, but now that was just totally nosing into the comment below. 70 degrees sounds absolutely perfect & i'm glad you enjoyed a nice stroll w/ Will & Pippin!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing me in the direction of that tutorial! I think it is just the solution I've been looking for. It will work perfectly (I hope) with this dress. What a genius idea. And hey, thanks for bringing Floral Prints and Common Sense to my attention as well; what a lovely, new to me, blog/blogger!

  9. CuddlyCactiMarch 22, 2014

    awesome!! how perfect! i'm glad i happened to think of her tutorial in the right moment. and glad you her/her blog! Rachel is great, fun sense of humor & really open about her life/emotions, etc. which reminded me of you & may be why i happened to make the thought connection w/ the dress : ). Enjoy your weekend beautiful lady! (lady sounds weird...)