Today Is Simple

^pretty blooms in my bathroom^
And I don't mind.

I was wanting to share a fun DIY sewing project with you today, but I still haven't gotten around to finishing it up. You can expect that in a few days time. Such is my life. I was feeling a little crummy this morning (eh hem, thanks uterus) and because I didn't have any other commitments I decided to just have a 'me' day.

My idea of an at home 'me,' relaxing, spa kind of day includes:

  1. Yummy coffee and breakfast
  2. Pilates and/or yoga
  3. A coconut oil hair treatment, give those locks some love 
  4. All those hygiene/personal maintenance things we all tend to neglect: flossing your teeth, plucking your eyebrows (if you do), clipping your toenails (am I the only one who waits as long as possible to do this?) because getting them done will feel great
  5. A long, hot shower
  6. Filing your feet, lathering them in coconut oil and covering them in fuzzy, comfy socks
  7. Lather the WHOLE body in coconut oil
  8. Tea and Books
  9. Listening to Laura Marling on repeat 

Mostly, I'm just enjoying simple things today.

Like, sometimes blurry pictures are actually really good.

^I tried to take a picture of my cozy socks and they panicked. I don't even know.^
And no matter how weird they are, there is nothing better than a pup that loves you. Even if he ruins potentially cute pictures.

I hope this finds you well and that you are taking care of yourself. xx

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