Snippets: Summer's End


1 | I've been waking up a lot earlier than usual lately. Like, almost always before the sun has come out from behind the hills completely. That's really early for me! I've been hiking a lot more too, thanks for fair weather. This was a pretty sunrise in the foothills, while I was out walking with Pip.
2 | Just some weeds, my favorite new nail color,and documenting the fact that I sometimes have to put on a jacket in the morning now (yahoo!).
3 | Baking for my favorite ladies at work on a chilly, rainy morning.
4 | Coffee and pastries a few Saturdays ago.
5 | The loveliest mail ever from Alma.
6 & 7 | Will has been gone a lot lately (last week and this week) for work and I've been keeping myself occupied at night by rearranging/redecorating parts of our apartment.
8 | The clouds just looking freaking gorgeous one morning last week; I had to panorama it.
9 | Took myself out to lunch last payday when I wasn't feeling well.
10 | Just some #methodsofselfcare. Tea, ice cream (and midol), and sketching design ideas before dinner.
11 | Pippin is an even bigger baby than I am when Will is gone. I think he's done with me today. He wants the fun human to come home.

The days are finally getting shorter and I am very grateful.

xx Emorie


  1. So pretty! And now I want ice cream.

  2. I love your notebook. I love these photos. I'm very happy summer is almost over. x

  3. Pretty pretty! I'm sure going to miss summer, but I'm SO excited for fall!

  4. Sunrise is amazing, I have to say.