Hot Air Balloons Make Me Happy

The other day I tried to explain to someway why it is that I love the Balloon Classic in Boise so much. I don't think I quite got my point across in that quick conversation, but writing my thoughts here might have better results. Friday morning I woke up early to an anxious pup whining, wanting to be let outside. I decided, since I was already up, to take him for a quick morning walk in the hills behind our apartment. I was sleepy and grumpy and lonely (Will had been gone for work for two weeks), trudging up the trail quickly. But as I made my way to the top of the ridge my spirits were instantly lifted as I took in the view of colorful hot air balloons floating above the valley (pictures from that morning here and here). I breathed in deeply, breathed out slowly, sat down on top of the hill and watched dozens more balloons launch from the park across town as the sunrise warmed me up.

Sunday, Will was home and Pip and I were happy. We all woke extra early to put on warm clothes and make a pot of coffee before heading down to Ann Morrison park to watch the final launch of the weekend. On this final day, all of the pilots will launch in a three minute window, weather permitting, and the result is particularly magical. On a cool morning, that feels particularly like autumn, with mist hovering above the damp dewy ground, dozens (I think there were 50 balloons this year) of hot air balloons inflate into life before your eyes. The park transforms into a whimsical garden of color. Perhaps it's the happy nostalgia surrounding all my memories of the River Festival (an event that occurred yearly when I was a kid), but watching the Sprit of Boise Balloon Classic every year fills me with a childlike sense of wonder, if for only a few days.

This year, after watching them launch and hover above the city in the park, we decided to then get back in the car with our packed thermos of coffee and drove high up into the foothills to watch the remaining balloons float across the valley. What a magical morning. And what a perfect transition into a new season.

xx Emorie

See last year's balloon classic here.


  1. Wow! What stunning photos! It really does look like a magical experience. I only wish we had something like that here in Ireland but at least I get to see it through your fantastic pictures. The colours are beautiful. I can only imagine what a sight it was to look up into the sky and to see each one float above you and then into the distance. I must admit your description of the mist and dewy ground just makes me smile. I love mornings like that. There is a peacefulness that can surround you and a stillness in the air that makes you want to take everything in, no matter how small. Keep posting beautiful pictures, they just make my day! - Sarah x

  2. I actually can't begin to explain how beautiful hot air balloons look up against a blue sky. You've captured it so beautifully. I love photographs like this x

  3. Oh my gosh, such beautiful photos!!! I love all the colors. We have something similar to this in St. Louis...although I cannot remember when it is. The great balloon race. I should go and take photos.

  4. What amazing photos! And what a fantastic event!

  5. I am so jealous you get to witness this.