Storm Chaser

Maybe I watched Twister too much as a child, because in my mind there is quite a bit of romanticism behind storms and chasing them. Nothing beats sitting out with a view of the valley and watching big thunderstorms roll in. I'm definitely the type to drop everything I'm doing — and make those around me do the same — to run out and get a better view of a sudden storm. This was just the case Wednesday afternoon, when huge storm clouds crept in from behind the mountains (the opposite way storms usually build in this town). I proposed we take Pippin for a quick walk in the hills before the rain hit, with the full intention of seeing this storm in all its glory. And boy, did we happen to time it perfectly. The moment we got to the top of the ridge the thunder had begun to build and the storm hovered just beyond us. It only started to pour as we made our way back down again; we only got muddy and soaked a little bit :) but that's what bathtubs are for, right?

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!
xx Emorie


  1. must pin all the beautiful images.

    Since I heard in the news about this thing that happened on friday (not relevant to your blog)...I've been really dealing with anxiety and stress. I don't know how to respond and I want to help. I feel sad when bad/unexplainable things happen to people.

    These pictures of yours capture so much raw energy. Yet there you stand so beautiful, being moved by the wind yet standing in the face of it. Not afraid. Strong. I feel anything but right now, and your pictures are helping me heal, and face reality.

  2. These are lovely. You definitely captured it well!

  3. somecallmecjMay 25, 2014

    These photos are beautiful, Emorie. I'm literally in awe.

  4. Hey! I totally love a good storm. We just don't get many here in California. I heard about the storm you're talking about! My friend was visiting near by and was in it, too.

    I'm visiting family this week (Tennessee) and it should be storming most of the time and I am kind of looking forward to it. ;)

    Also, omg. Beautiful imagery, girl!! Love it. And really digging the colors & mood in these. <3

  5. Michelle LopezMay 26, 2014

    These photos are beautiful!! They remind me of paintings and Pride and Prejudice.

  6. I love these photos, they are amazing.


  7. Amber IndoeMay 27, 2014

    These photos are gorgeous!