Snow White Button Up

The weather has been so kind to us lately. First, a big storm came through and finally pushed that inversion away. Then, the sun was out daily and it heated up significantly for about a week; all of us in Boise were dreaming of spring. It cooled down rather drastically this week, but I don't mind because we were hit with another wave of snow. I mean, if it's going the be bone-chilling cold there better be pretty snow too, am I right?

Yesterday afternoon we headed out downtown to enjoy a bit of fresh air and some time together before attending a conference that evening (that we got tickets to for christmas). We walked around BSU campus, grabbed a mocha to split, then walked around the greenbelt for a bit. I love seeing the park all bare and white and quiet; I've always found winter so peaceful, you know. Our little in-town adventure didn't last long, though, as the crisp piercing wind made the cold rather bitter. I enjoyed it, none the less.

coat: Old Navy
scarf: gift
shirt: H&M
jeans: Forever 21
earring: Forever 21
gloves: bought from a vendor on UofI campus years ago
boot cuffs: gift, purchased at a craft fair
purse: Fred Meyer

The conference lasted well into the evening and after we headed to Apple Bees — not my favorite choice, but the only place we knew to be open in this town after 10 on a week day. But the crunchy shrimp surprised me and Will got to enjoy some buffalo wings (one of his guilty pleasures). The snow really started to dump again the moment we pulled up to the restaurant. I didn't mind one bit sitting there next to a window watching it fall over warm food and great conversation. Driving home in the blizzard was surreal, as we literally couldn't see anything around us (except the lights from a few dutiful snow plows). I'm a happy kid today, with the pretty white world.

Hope you are well and warm,
xx Emorie


  1. oh my god! i'm glad nothing happened to you driving home in the blizzard! but you made it sound pretty normal to maybe it is to you. i drove through one once and holy shit, most anxiety i think i've ever had in my life. the car did a donut once but we were all fine. anyway, that's besides the point - that conference - wow! it sounded just bizarre to me from your tweets but i love love loved your commentaries & love you even more than i did before now. and, you look darling, i love these winter layers & the sleek pants.

  2. Driving in the snow is pretty commonplace, I don't mind it so much (although Will is always driver) if there isn't too much traffic - I don't trust other people :) And haha, I lost so many followers during that twitter rant. Oops. That conference was indeed bizarre; I'm emailing you this weekend with interview questions (finally), I'll tell you all about it!

  3. oh that made me laugh! It's really bizarre how it's ok to share so many religious and other viewpoints as long as they're in line w/ a certain ideology and as soon as you start sharing others people get offended. & awesome, look forward to the questions. enjoy your weekend w/ Will + the pups in that gorgeous winter wonderland!

  4. what? why would you lose followers? How odd. :P you are a beautiful lady and I love hearing about your opinions! :P Because I just want to get to know you! People are weird; a world where everyone has the same viewpoints would be one very boring, bland world.

  5. somecallmecjFebruary 07, 2014

    I love the fact that you love the winter just as much as I do! Everyone around me is so negative about it every time it snows or drops below 30 degrees. Its refreshing to read your happy winter wonderland posts!

  6. I love winter, and I'm the only one who loves it in my household. I'd be so scared driving home in a blizzard. x

  7. Damn, you look freaking gorgeous in the first and third pictures. I mean, and all of them, but wow. So pretty. And I love your boots and that scarf.

  8. You good gorgeous! I love how you are always so creative with your short hair. I'm definitely not, especially now that it's long enough to put into a baby bun :) Applebees is one of the few places that is open later in my hometown, too. It's not very glamorous, but it's usually pretty tasty (and their half-price apps after 9 can't be beat!)

  9. Glad you made it home safely; even if one is used to it, driving in a blizzard is still a bit unnerving! Love this winter-ready style here.

    I missed the tweets. What was this conference about?

  10. Can't comment on the snow, I'm pretty tired of it by now (it just doesn't stop!) But your look super cute, love all the layers!

  11. Loved hearing your opinion on this Carolynn ( & esp that Discuss alerted me to it, darn comment replies I'm always missing!). I couldn't agree more, it's good to have healthy debate : ).