Dad Day

Happy Father's Day, yesterday!

I am one lucky little lady to have such a fantastic father. We don't get to choose our parents, but I'd like to think if I was given the chance I'd still go with mine every time. As I grew up I also saw my parents grow so much as people. And I love that. I was taught such valuable lessons in courage and openness because of that. I get my sense of humor from my father. My dark hair, pale skin, big brown eyes, and introverted tendencies as well. He taught me the value of learning, the thrill of adventure, and how to be a great, loving listener. He is the best bear huger in the world and a perfect father to four crazy, unique, now grown-up kids.

My dad spent his father's day pretty well, I'd say. Jenica took him out for a hike early in the morning and then we had breakfast together.

Later in the day my brother Aaron took over grill duty and cooked up some pesto salmon, habaƱero pineapple chicken, brats, and grilled veggies. I made potatoes rustica and a green salad. My sister Bee made some delicious Texas sheet cake for dessert. We were all rightfully stuffed after.

I hope you all had a great day celebrating the good fathers in your lives.


  1. Oh my! What a cute picture of you guys as kids!! I never knew there was a father's day until I was in college. My mom was a single mom until she remarried when I was 13, and my step father, while a wonderful man in many ways, ignored me for most of my life. I am glad to have a wonderful husband to help teach me about men and I look forward to my kids having a father in ways I never did. I never knew a "father figure" until college (I had a band teacher who was wonderful!). All your brothers and sisters are so cute! I have two sisters and a brother and they all have kids now! Ok, thats enough of a walk down memory lane :P That food looks so yummy, too!

  2. Gabrielle DuboisJune 17, 2013

    your family seems sweet! I loved reading this post so much!

  3. I have an older sister and a younger brother and sister :P I LOVE my nephews! they are all under 5 right now and SO CUTE!!!!!