Revolt Check-In: End of Week 3

It's the end of my third week today with the program and I'm here again to update you on how well I am doing with Revolt. I am seeing such great results already that I just had to include a picture with today's post. Plus this means you get to see my awesome farmer's tan, lucky you.

I'm proud of how far I have come so far, and of how hard I am working. I just had to show off a bit. Will was looking at my before pictures yesterday and commented how different I looked already, and so I looked back, too, and I have to agree. Now of course, the both of us obviously see me every day, so changes are easy for us to spot. Let me know if you can see a difference! My week three photos are below, and I included the before pictures (taken 4/29/13) just below that for your convenience.

They are small, subtle changes really. My waistline has decreased a bit each week. My belly looks flatter, at least from the front. I am noticing my butt slowly lifting. I am starting to get a teeny tiny gap between my thighs. And I'm beginning to see definition everywhere. I even think my face looks thinner! But I must say I am feeling a million times better than I look. And how I feel is so much more important than noticeable physical changes. My arms are getting much stronger; I can do ten whole, real push-ups! Mt. Climbers have become so easy peasy. I can run around the block, or even a mile without feeling like death. My pants are getting loose in the waist, and I might just be able to squeeze into an old pair of really really skinny jeans!

The food is still just fantastic. I love it! And I love having it all planned out for me; it leaves no room for excuses. Plus it is so good, I want to eat it and not much else. In fact, Revolt should come with a disclaimer. I'm starting to dislike a lot of foods I once enjoyed, that were maybe not too good for me. For instance, today is my free day, so I can eat what I want freely. I went to have a doughnut hole with my coffee this morning and had to spit it out! It was disgusting. Way way way too sweet. And later today I tried some cheddar cheese with some rice crackers, and that cheese straight up tasted like butter. Gross. I'm not minding these changes is food preferences too much :) Clean eating is treating me so well.

Here are this weeks stats:

I am nowhere near done, but I am more and more near where I want to be with each and every week. I'm starting to envision what my body will feel and look like when I reach my goals, and I can't wait.

Here's to a happy and healthier me! Join me for the June 3rd uprising!?

P.S. A free kickstart begins on Monday if you are interested in Revolt, but want to test things out a bit, first. The kickstart includes access to a 50 page guide, 1 week of videos, 1 week of workouts (3 levels), and 1 week of a meal plan (6 cal levels).

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program. All results are real and my own. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. So exciting. Good job! I signed up and am getting ready to start on Monday :) I got too excited to wait for the next uprising.

  2. Great job girl. I am seeing changes too, just not as quick as others.